Construction de PISCINE renovation


Construction swimming pool in toulouse, Garidech, montastruc, castelmaurou
Build swimming pool

Construction of a swimming pool in Toulouse and its surroundings in traditional style

Concrete slab, assembly of concrete block walls or formwork blocks.

White or coloured parts to be sealed

Color or white LED lighting

Technical room and traditional filtration



Pose de liner sur Pechbonnieu
Pose de liner

Liner installation in renovation or swimming pools under construction. 

Alkor liners 2010 75/100

Reinforced liner 150/100 Alkor 1000 or varnish.

The top of the range at a competitive price


Rénovation piscine complète piscine en tôle
Rénovation piscine

We refurbish all types of swimming pools.

From steel structures to the demolition and reconstruction of traditional swimming pools.

Liner replacement.

Staircase construction.

Installation of safety shutters.

Replacement of pipes


Pool materials are subject to stresses that cause repairs,

The movement of land that damages skimmers. The conversion of tiled pools with liner waterproofing.

an upgrade to standards and the replacement of parts to be sealed.

the relocation of the technical room. The creation of stairs etc.

Garden decoration

Garden decoration
Garden decoration

Decoration of spaces around the pool.

terracing, set up decorative pebbles.

Assembly of structures to receive the wooden terraces.

Preparation of supports for printed concrete

Pool construction in Toulouse

Swimming pool builders on Montastruc la Conseillere near Toulouse and Balma. Our intervention area is also Saint Jean de l'Union.

See zones

Our company is specialized in:

  • leak detection and non-destructive water leak detection for swimming pool
  • the construction of the traditional pool.
  • pool renovation.
  • the troubleshooting of the pool and the technical room.
  • pool filtration.
  • The treatment of water.
  • The exterior decoration, development of the beaches, pebbles of decoration.
  • Preparation of garden space around the pool

Our services are perfectly adapted to your requirements.

Search for leaks pipes:

by method of pressurizing piping:

we are also equipped with state-of-the-art equipment: LEAK-TRAC 2100 ultrasound mode for liner leak detection.

Use of inspection camera

Pool renovation:

we are specialized in swimming pool renovation. We can make the change of liner or PVC armed with your pool. We do all the renovation work on your pool.

Your pool is green or cloudy, a water analysis and accurate diagnosis will solve this problem.

The chemistry of water is an exact science, it is possible to find the cause and remedy it.

Simple advice will allow you to anticipate these small inconveniences.

I take the time to train my clients during my interventions.

Pool filtration: we can design a custom swimming pool technical room and offer you a classic sand filtration system,

Choice of treatment according to budget, either conventional chlorine or salt chlorinator and pH regulation.


Possibility of automated processing system for optimal autonomy.

A new activity is created, the participation in the work by the client.

the poolman is listening to the client to give him advice

Participatory collaboration

You have a tight budget !! it is possible to make a swimming pool.