The 75/100 liner is widely used by poolmen. We used this type of liner in the construction and renovation of all our basins. This type of liner requires a careful and precise take of the coast.

This post is very important at the risk of having an oversized or undersized liner. It is desirable that the individual goes through a professional for this operation.

In almost all cases this type of liner is made to measure and remains in the prices of liners said "standard". However, it is important to ensure that the masonry is well made at the symmetry and regularity of the steps of the stairs that will receive the liner. Otherwise the manufacturer may increase the price of the liner because it would become out of standard.


We prepare all clean ponds for the reception of this membrane through the following steps


  • Draining the pool
  • Removing old felt or carpet
  • Pool cleaning
  • Rectification of supports (removal of roughness or surface irregularities)
  • Resumption of stair treads and rectification of stair treads if necessary.
  • Precise ribs for the liner and technical plan design.
  • Checking the hung sticks.
  • Verification of the parts to be sealed (skimmers, backflows, projectors, bottom plugs and broom plug).
  • We also propose a pressurization of the pipes to make sure that there are no pool leaks later.
  • this benefit is very beneficial when renewing the liner because it is easier to perform the empty pool tests.
  • Replacement of seals or flanges of parts to be sealed.
  • Setting up a felt felt or pool carpet, with a special aerosol glue basin.
  • Placement of the liner, hooking and setting in aspiration. This operation is intended to eliminate all the risk of wrinkles and allows to properly position the membrane.

We intervene for the installation of liner in Toulouse Nord Nord-Est and south.

Laying of liner in Montastruc la Conseillère, Garidech, Gragnague, Bessières, Bazus, Azas, Montberon, Roqueserières, Gemil, Pechbonieu Saint Jean l'Herm, Verfeil,  L'Union, Saint Jean, Rouffiac, Castelmaurou, Lapeyrouse Fossat, Balma, Toulouse

Our areas of intervention in the Tarn.

Saint-Sulpice-la-Pointe, Rabastens, Coufouleux, Lavaur, Giroussens