The liner for swimming pool

Our company has chosen the seal with a liner.


From experience, it is the most economical and reliable way to date.


Its life is limited in time, between 10 and 15 years, which also has the advantage of being able to follow the trend on the color, the resale of the good and to leave the choice to the future purchasers.


The "liner", the most used sealing method is a membrane made to measure by liner manufacturers. In this case, the measurement made by the pool is essential for aesthetics.


However, we distinguish two main types of coating.



The standard


The liner 75 / 100th (liner 75 hundredths), or membrane refer to a single sheet monolayer.


This type of liner is the most used and the easiest for the implementation


The armed liner:

reinforced pvc liner, reinforced membrane, reinforced pvc membrane or 150 / 100th liner (liner 150 hundredths) are terms that refer to a multilayer liner (two layers of pvc assembled around a frame)




The installation of the reinforced liner requires a certain experience and specialized equipment. The cutting and welding of the reinforced membrane are key phases for the realization of a swimming pool in the rules of the art.


We are trained by specialized establishments for the installation of armed liner such as the school of Bain le Bains, formation of laying of the mark Alkor, the school of Montauban for the laying of theliner Delifol.


Price of the laying of armed liners?

The price of the installation of the reinforced liner is variable according to the services to be carried out, we can give here only rough prices according to the experience acquired since 1999.

For laying on a new pool the price of the reinforced liner will be different than on a pool of renovation.

To get an idea, the installation of an armed liner comes back:

between 40 and 60 € HtT of the M2 according to the basin and the difficulties

Price of a replacement of a standard liner ?

The price for the replacement of a standard liner depends on the service to be performed, on a new pool the price for a pool of 10 x 5 m for a standard liner is from:

2800 € HT.

The price is influenced by the laying of a staircase in the shape of the pool, if it's free-form pools the price is much higher.

The installation of pool liner in Toulouse, and its surroundings.

We can put liners swimming pools in the region of Montastruc la Conseillère until Tarn Saint Sulpice, Lavaur Rabastens