The laying of the coating is being finished. Many private pool customers have used this army membrane.


The advantages of this type of liner is related to the strength of the product.


To better understand the difference between the standard coating and the reinforced coating, we can compare with a parquet of great passage. We understand that a parquet floor intended for a bedroom will not be taken into account more than a month in a store where many customers will walk a lot.


It is certain that the price of this reinforced membrane is more expensive than the conventional coating, but that it is of situations or that we are obliged to pose this type of product.


We note that many small basins are equipped with lining, customers prefer to ask this type of liner for reasons of ease, less risk for emptying, less risk of piercing.


As a general rule, the infinity pool is preferred by the reinforced liner, the tiled pool with straight but complex shapes. The pools which are very solicited by the aquatic games, aquabyke.




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