Participatory collaboration works

You have a small budget !! it is possible to make a swimming pool.

You are a good handyman, but you need knowledge and precise rules to carry out this work.

My experience will bring you all the advice and recommendations necessary to sustain this space of leisure.

You are builder, you can build the masonry, our help to the construction will be precious

I can also help you with the installation of the swimming pool, the choice of the cleaning robot, the treatment of the water of your swimming pool, but also the materials used for the beaches, as well as advice for the decoration of the environment . Safety like automatic shutters for swimming pool, fences.

Renovation by the Assisted Customer can be helpful, many customer can book themselves time-consuming jobs such as:


  • Disassembly of the borders.
  • disassembling the liner
  • the discharge of rubble, liner, carpet etc ..
  • Draining and cleaning the basin,
  • passage of pipes from the swimming pool to the pool
  • top mount Linerlock rail on the edge of the pool.

An audit will be conducted with the client to define the work to be done

My services range from the complete construction of the pool, to the sale of equipment (pump, filter, liner, reinforced liner, swimming pool roller shutter).

My role is also to make every effort to make your pond scalable, for example that you thought to reserve the length of pipes in order to place a heating either electric or heat pump but also treatment devices like the electrolyser to salt or automatic pH regulation

You are not comfortable with some work. So you can decide to support for example: the laying of pipes around the pool and I can take care of the bonding of the parts to be sealed which is more delicate.

Another example being the laying of the liner, you do not have the material, you have a fear of deceiving you, I can execute these works with your collaboration which will make you substantial savings.


We can help you build swimming pools in Toulouse and its surroundings from Montastruc la conseillère to Tarn Saint Sulpice, Lavaur Rabastens

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