The construction

For the construction of a traditional swimming pool, we offer the services that will be realized systematically:


  • Reinforced concrete slab
  • Walls made of formwork Concrete
  • Drainage with natural drainage or sump
  • ABS sealing parts and bottom plugs.
  • Rigid pipe broom plug for hydraulic robot.
  • Corner or custom staircase
  • Liner alkor 2010
  • Traditional sand filtration and polyester filter
  • Seawater compatible filtration pump

Earthworks are made by mechanical excavation,

From the location, to the digging of the pool, to the evacuation of the land.

The concrete bottom slab, usually 15 cm long, is reinforced.


The construction is traditional with formwork concrete walls, this solution offers the customer an added value through its solidity at all times.


On the walls and the floor are implanted parts to seal. In particular the bottom drain which is an important element for the good circulation the water.

All parts to be sealed are made of ABS, a material that is insensitive to ultraviolet light.


The technical room is user friendly and placed near the pool, sand filtration with polyester filter. This room is scalable and allows the implementation of all the options below


The number of options is unlimited. Salt treatment, solar heating or heat pump, built-in or above-ground safety shutter, pool safety by fencing.


The cleaning robot is an important element for the maintenance of the pool. All our constructions are provided with a high-pressure brush socket to receive a hydraulic robot which in our experience is more practical and efficient than electric pool robots.


We attach great importance to the details that can affect the proper functioning in the long term.

  • The location of the pipes (vertical to avoid the influence of the backfill)
  • Finishing of the concrete pavement. (smoothing of walls and stair angles).
  • Anticipation of beaches before construction.


    treatment (the right solutions to avoid premature wear of the pipes) see video 

  • All the advice you need to address safety, wintering, treatment. 



Construction of the swimming pool in Toulouse and its surroundings.

In the area of Montastruc la conseillère, Muret, Balma, l'union, Garidech to the Tarn, Saint Sulpice, Lavaur Rabastens

Cost of a pool?

For a 8x4 flat bottomed swimming pool 1.50 m high, with an oblique staircase, standard liner.

The masonry is always with a bottom slab, and in traditional frame.

The walls are made of concrete

The earthwork with the land left on site, accessibility near the pool to carry out the work.

Concrete placement requiring a specific concrete pump.

Traditional technical room housed either in a basement, a built room (not included in the price) or possibly a decorative rock like Diffaroc.

The cost price is approximately 119800 € HT to 23000€.

It all depends on the earthwork, the removal of the soil and the difficulties of implementation.

Options such as shutters can increase the estimate.


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