Price of the laying of armed liners?

The price of the installation of the reinforced liner is variable according to the services to be carried out, we can give here only rough prices according to the experience acquired since 1999.

For laying on a new pool the price of the reinforced liner will be different than on a pool of renovation.

To get an idea, the installation of an armed liner comes back:

between 50 and 100€ HtT of the M2 according to the basin and the difficulties

Price of a replacement of a standard liner?

The price for the replacement of a standard liner depends on the service to be performed, on a new pool the price for a pool of 10 x 5 m for a standard liner is from:

3500 € HT.

The price is influenced by the laying of a staircase in the shape of the pool, if it's free-form pools the price is much higher.

Cost off pool ?

For a pool of 8x4 flat bottom 1.50 m high, with an oblique staircase, standard liner.

Masonry is always with a bottom slab, and in traditional building.

The earthworks with the lands left on site, accessibility near the pool to carry out the work.

The setting up of the concrete does not require a specific pump.

Traditional technical room housed either in a basement, built premises (not included in the price) or possibly a decorative rock type Diffaroc

The cost price is approximately 22000 € HT.

A free estimate will be made at the place of construction.

Construction of the pool in Toulouse, and its surroundings.

 In the region of Montastruc la Conseillère until the Tarn, Saint Sulpice, Lavaur Rabastens

What is the price of a skimmer repair?

Dismantling a skimmer is not a small repair. the price is variable depending on whether the liner replacement is planned or not.

In the case where the liner is not to be replaced, the operation is more delicate, in fact it is necessary to remove the water disassemble the liner, depending on the age of the liner this operation also requires replacing the liner why.

By emptying the pool the liner takes its place of factory ie it is smaller. The membrane on seniority loses its plasticity in a range from 5 to 10 years or on accelerated aging from the approval treatments, to disassemble it and to put it back up after one day the liner could not take again its original place and so break or not get back into place properly

 this risk is evaluated by the professional who will propose the replacement of the liner if need be.

The price range is 600 € to 1000 € HT.

Knowing also that it is necessary to disassemble the borders and a part of the tiling.

Sometimes you have to make compromises like the video below