The renovation

Renovating a pool is an operation that goes beyond troubleshooting.

This concerns the following elements:


  • The replacement of the liner
  • The construction of a staircase
  • Changing the dimensions of the pool (eg, refitting a pool slab, reducing the size, or even completely demolishing to rebuild a new pool.)
  • Replacement of the parts to be sealed.
  • refurbishment of a tiled pool to receive a standard liner or reinforced liner
  • The complete replacement of the filtration system (change of filtration system, power of the pump ...

Move the technical room. Some technical rooms are placed next to the pool or integrated into a staircase or poolside. This type of room is subject to premature deterioration of moisture and fumes from treatment products for the pool. For aesthetic reasons it is sometimes necessary to completely move the room

The transformation or renovation of a swimming pool often requires a large budget. The price of the work will be different if one must change the borders or change the whole basin.

Pool renovation in Toulouse, and its surroundings.

We can renovate swimming pools in the area of Montastruc la Conseillère until Tarn Saint Sulpice, Lavaur Rabastens